The PASS (Peer Assisted Study Support) program has been operating at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, since 2000, and currently provides weekly study sessions in more than 50 courses each year. As well as enhancing the first-year learning experience, PASS contributes to an institution-wide award that acknowledges the impact of extra-curricular activities on students’ graduate attributes and employability skills. Selected from high-calibre candidates, PASS leaders already possess strong communication and thinking skills. Nevertheless, an online survey of current and former leaders between 2009-2014 [n=185] revealed a significant majority perceived that the experience of leading a study group, in particular the associated writing of weekly reflections, enhanced their confidence, cognitive and communication skills, as well as contributing to their CVs and job application success. Such results highlight the potential for student leaders to translate their day-to-day experiences into added value for life after university.