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Jalili, R., Razal, J. M. & Wallace, G. G. (2013). Wet-spinning of PEDOT:PSS/functionalized-SWNTs composite: A facile route toward production of strong and highly conducting multifunctional fibers. Scientific Reports, 3 1-7.


With the aim of fabricating multifunctional fibers with enhanced mechanical properties, electrical conductivity and electrochemical performance, we develop wet-spinning of composite formulation based on functionalized PEG-SWNT and PEDOT:PSS. The method of addition and loading are directly correlated to the quality and the ease of spinnability of the formulation and to the mechanical and electrical properties of the resultant fibers. Both the fiber modulus (Y) and strength (σ) scaled linearly with PEG-SWNT volume fraction (Vf). A remarkable reinforcement rate of dY/dVf = 417 GPa and dσ/dVf = 4 GPa were obtained when PEG-SWNTs at Vf ≤ 0.02. Further increase of PEG-SWNTs loading (i.e. up to Vf 0.12) resulted in further enhancements up to 22.8 GPa and 254 MPa in Modulus and ultimate stress, respectively. We also show the enhancement of electrochemical supercapacitor performance of composite fibers. These outstanding mechanical, electrical and electrochemical performances place these fibers among the best performing multifunctional composite fibers.

Grant Number

ARC/FF0669110, ARC/DP0987503