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Abbas, S. Muzahir., Sevimli, O., Heimlich, M. C., Esselle, K. P., Kimiaghalam, B., Foroughi, J. & Safaei, F. (2013). Microwave characterization of carbon nanotube yarns for UWB medical wireless body area networks. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 61 (10), 3625-3631.


Carbon nanotube (CNT) yarns are novel CNT-based materials that extend the advantages of CNT from the nanoscale to macroscale applications. In this study, we have modeled CNT yarns as potential data transmission lines. Test structures have been designed to measure electrical properties of CNT yarns, which are attached to these test structures using gold paste. DC testing and microwave S-parameter measurements have been conducted for characterization. The observed frequency independent resistive behavior of the CNT yarn is a very promising indicator that this material, with its added values of mechanical resilience and thermal conductivity, could be invaluable for a range of applications such as body area networks. A model is developed for the CNT yarn, which fits the measured data collected and agrees in general with similar data for non-yarn CNTs.



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