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Shen, H., Cheng, Z., Hong, F., Xu, J. Y., Yuan, S., Cao, S. X. & Wang, X. (2013). Magnetic field induced discontinuous spin reorientation in ErFeO3 single crystal. Applied Physics Letters, 103 192404-1-192404-5.


The spin reorientation of ErFeO3 that spontaneously occurs at low temperature has been previously determined to be a process involving the continuous rotation of Fe3þ spins. In this work, the dynamic process of spin reorientation in ErFeO3 single crystal has been investigated by AC susceptibility measurements at various frequencies and static magnetic fields. Interestingly, two completely discontinuous steps are induced by a relatively large static magnetic field due to the variation in the magnetic anisotropy during this process. It provides deeper insights into the intriguing magnetic exchange interactions which dominate the sophisticated magnetic phase transitions in the orthoferrite systems.

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