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Niu, Z., Liu, L., Sherrell, P. C., Chen, J. and Chen, X. (2013). Flexible Supercapacitors - Development of Bendable Carbon Architectures. In Y. Hu, U. Burghaus and S. Qiao (Eds.), Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy (pp. 101-141). United States of America: American Chemical Society.

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ISBN: 9780841228139


As energy storage devices, Supercapacitors (SCs), also known as electrochemical capacitors, possess high power densities, excellent reversibility and long cycle life. SCs could be applied to diverse fields including electric vehicles, pulse power applications and portable devices. Flexible SCs have attracted significant attention for powering recently developed portable, flexible and wearable electronics. During the past several years, a variety of bendable carbon-based electrode architechtures and flexible SC devices with different designs have been successfully prepared. In this review, we will describe recent developments in the preparation of such bendable carbon-based electrode architechtures and the subsequent design of flexible SC devices. Future development and prospects of flexible SCs are also discussed.



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