Magnetic order in YbMn2Si2 - Neutron scattering investigation



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Campbell, S. J., Hofmann, M., Mole, R. A., Prokes, K., Wallacher, D. and Wang, J. (2013). Magnetic order in YbMn2Si2 - Neutron scattering investigation. Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 63 (3), 314-319.


Several mechanisms have been proposed to account for the structural and magnetic behaviour of the rare earth intermetallic compound YbMn2Si2 below the transition that occurs around ∼30 K. We have carried out detailed neutron diffraction measurements over the temperature range ∼0.3-52 K and confirm both an antiferromagnetic structure with ferromagnetic Mn (001) planes coupled antiferromagnetically along the c-axis above ∼30 K and the absence of ordering of the Yb sublattice down to 0.3 K. The decrease in intensity of the (111) reflection around ∼30 K together with the appearance of satellite reflections of propagation vector k = 001/2 confirm that the magnetic unit cell doubles along the c axis below T N2. The resultant molecular field acting on half of the ions below ∼30 K removes the degeneracy of the Kramers doublets of the Yb3+ ions and accounts for the additional excitations observed below ∼30 K compared with the inelastic neutron scattering above ∼30 K.

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