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Ung, B. S-Y., Weng, B., Shepherd, R. L., Abbott, D. and Fumeaux, C. (2013). Inkjet printed conductive polymer-based beam-splitters for terahertz applications. Optical Materials Express, 3 (9), 1242-1249.


Terahertz beam-splitters are fabricated from conductive polymers inkjet printed onto an acetate film substrate. The principle is a significant evolution of the recently proposed ultra-thin beam-splitter realized using silver conductive paint. The splitting ratios of the beam-splitters are dependent on the thickness and conductivity of the conductive polymer layer, allowing for any splitting ratio to be achieved accurately from a controlled printing process. As the processing technology of conductive polymers matures, this approach will allow for low cost and accurate fabrication of THz beam-splitters with a predefined near frequency-independent splitting ratio, in contrast to the commonly used float zone silicon wafers.



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