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Shahbazi-Manshadi, M., Wang, X., Dou, S. X., Fang, H. and Lin, C. T. (2013). The flux pinning mechanism, and electrical and magnetic anisotropy in Fe1.04Te0.6Se0.4 superconducting single crystal. In Proceedings of the 12th Joint MMM-Intermag Conference: Fundamental Properties and Cooperative Phenomena, 14-18 January, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Journal of Applied Physics, 113 17E115-1-17E115-3.

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Journal of Applied Physics


The temperature and magnetic field dependences of the magnetization and critical current density of Fe1.04Te0.6Se0.4 single crystals have been investigated, and the flux pinning mechanism has been analysed. The normalized pinning force (fp Fp/F p,max) vs. h(H/Hirr) curves, are scaled using the Dew-Hughes theory, f(h) ≈ hp(1 - h)q with p 1.35 and q 3.06. The angular dependence of the resistivity under different magnetic fields shows a dip-like structure, below the superconducting transition temperature. The anisotropic value of 2 was obtained using Ginzburg-Landau theory.

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