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Seng, K. H., Li, L., Chen, D., Chen, Z., Wang, X., Liu, H. K. & Guo, Z. (2013). The effects of FEC (fluoroethylene carbonate) electrolyte additive on the lithium storage properties of NiO (nickel oxide) nanocuboids. Energy, 58 (September), 707-713.


Nanocuboid shaped NiO (nickel oxide) has been synthesized using an optical floating zone furnace. It was found that the nanocuboids exhibit single crystalline nature, and have clean and sharp edges. Furthermore, the NiO nanocuboids were tested for their electrochemical performances as anode material for LIBs (lithium-ion batteries) in a coin-type half cell. The effects of FEC (fluoroethylene carbonate) additive on the lithium storage performance were also investigated, which is the first of such studies for transition metal oxides. It was found that FEC has a positive effect on the cycling stability and also improves the rate performances of the nanocuboids. The capacity recorded at 0.1C (100mAg-1) after 50 charge/dischargecycles is 1400mAhg-1. Lastly, the NiO nanocuboids can achieve very high rate capability of 12C (12Ag-1) with capacity of 312mAhg-1. 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

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