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Chartarrayawadee, W., Moulton, S. E., Too, C. O., Kim, B. C., Yepuri, R., Romeo, A. C. & Wallace, G. G. (2013). Facile synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/MWNTs nanocomposite supercapacitor materials tested as electrophoretically deposited films on glassy carbon electrodes. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 43 (9), 865-877.


This paper reports on a facile synthesis method for reduced graphene oxide (rGO)/multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) nanocomposites. The initial step involves the use of graphene oxide to disperse the MWNTs, with subsequent reduction of the resultant graphene oxide/MWNTs composites using l-ascorbic acid (LAA) as a mild reductant. Reduction by LAA preserves the interaction between the rGO sheets and MWNTs. The dispersion-containing rGO/MWNTs composites was characterized and electrophoretically deposited anodically onto glassy carbon electrodes to form high surface area films for capacitance testing. Pseudo capacitance peaks were observed in the rGO/MWNTs composite electrodes, resulting in superior performance with capacitance values up to 134.3 F g-1 recorded. This capacitance value is higher than those observed for LAA-reduced GO (LAA-rGO) (63.5 F g-1), electrochemically reduced GO (EC-rGO) (27.6 F g-1), or electrochemically reduced GO/MWNTs (EC-rGO/MWNTs) (98.4 F g-1)-based electrodes.



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