Fabrication of novel composites of ZnO-nanoparticles and magadiite



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Ozawa, K, Nakao, Y, Cheng, Z, Wang, D, Osada, M, Okada, R, Saeki, K, Itoh, H & Iso, F (2009), Fabrication of novel composites of ZnO-nanoparticles and magadiite, Material Letters, 63, pp. 366-369.


Novel composites of ZnO-nanoparticles and magadiite were successfully prepared by a simple ion-exchange technique in an aqueous suspension of magadiite (Na2Si14O29·nH2O) and Zn(NO3)2. The TEM and STEM measurements showed that the composites have a structure in which ZnO-nanoparticles with relatively uniform particle sizes are well dispersed within the interlaminar spaces of the magadiite matrix. The particle sizes of the ZnO-nanoparticles were found to depend on the heat-treatment temperature; the average particle sizes are ~ 2.6, ~ 2.8, ~ 4.4 and ~ 4.6 nm, respectively, for the temperatures of 40, 180, 300 and 600 °C. It was also found that the ZnO nanoparticles crystallize and form a single-crystalline particle when the temperature exceeds ~ 300 °C.

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