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Huang, Z., Lingam, H. K., Chen, X., Porter, S., Du, A., Woodard, P. M., Shore, S. & Zhao, J. (2013). Synthesis, structural analysis, and thermal decomposition studies of [(NH3)2BH2]B3H8. RSC Advances, 3 (20), 7460-7465.


Boron–nitrogen containing compounds with high hydrogen contents as represented by ammonia borane (NH3BH3) have recently attracted intense interest for potential hydrogen storage applications. One such compound is [(NH3)2BH2]B3H8 with a capacity of 18.2 wt% H. Two safe and efficient synthetic routes to [(NH3)2BH2]B3H8 have been developed for the first time since it was discovered 50 years ago. The new synthetic routes avoid a dangerous starting chemical, tetraborane (B4H10), and afford a high yield. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis reveals N–Hd+…Hd2–B dihydrogen interactions in the [(NH3)2BH2]B3H8?18- crown-6 adduct. Extended strong dihydrogen bonds were observed in pure [(NH3)2BH2]B3H8 through crystal structure solution based upon powder X-ray analysis. Pyrolysis of [(NH3)2BH2]B3H8 leads to the formation of hydrogen gas together with appreciable amounts of volatile boranes below 160 uC.

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