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Mehrabian, S., Xu, S., Qaemi, A. A., Shokri, B., Chan, C. & Ostrikov, K. (2013). The effect of microscopic texture on the direct plasma surface passivation of Si solar cells. Physics of Plasmas, 20 (4), 043502-1-043502-6.


Textured silicon surfaces are widely used in manufacturing of solar cells due to increasing the light absorption probability and also the antireflection properties. However, these Si surfaces have a high density of surface defects that need to be passivated. In this study, the effect of the microscopic surface texture on the plasma surface passivation of solar cells is investigated. The movement of 105Hþ ions in the texture-modified plasma sheath is studied by Monte Carlo numerical simulation. The hydrogen ions are driven by the combined electric field of the plasma sheath and the textured surface. The ion dynamics is simulated, and the relative ion distribution over the textured substrate is presented. This distribution can be used to interpret the quality of the Si dangling bonds saturation and consequently, the direct plasma surface passivation.



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