Substitution of y for Pr in PrMn2Ge2-The magnetism of Pr0.8Y0.2Mn2Ge2

J Wang, University of Wollongong
S J. Campbell, University Of New South Wales
M Hofmann, Technical University Of Munich
S J. Kennedy
M Avdeev, ANSTO
M F. Md Din, University of Wollongong
R Zeng, University of Wollongong
Z Cheng, University of Wollongong
S X. Dou, University of Wollongong

Wang, J., Campbell, S. J., Hofmann, M., Kennedy, S. J., Avdeev, M., Md Din, M. F., Zeng, R., Cheng, Z. & Dou, S. X. (2013). Substitution of y for Pr in PrMn2Ge2-The magnetism of Pr0.8Y0.2Mn2Ge2. Journal of Applied Physics, 113 (17), 17E147-1-17E147-3.


Pr0.8Y0.2Mn2Ge2 is found to exhibit four magnetic transitions on decreasing the temperature from the paramagnetic region: (i) paramagnetism to intralayer antiferromagnetism (AFl) at TN intra; (ii) AFl to canted ferromagnetism (Fmc) at TC inter; (iii) Fmc to conical magnetic ordering of the Mn sublattice (Fmi) at Tcc; and (iv) Fmi(Mn) to Fmi(Mn) F(Pr) at T C Pr. These changes in magnetic structure are discussed in terms of changes in the Mn-Mn separation distances caused by the unit cell contraction and by electronic effects due to replacement of 20 of Pr with Y. 2013 American Institute of Physics.


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