Spin switching and magnetization reversal in single-crystal NdFeO 3

S J Yuan
W Ren, University of Arkansas
F Hong, University of Wollongong
Y B. Wang, Shanghai University
J C. Zhang
Laurent Bellaiche, University of Arkansas
S X. Cao, Shanghai University
G Cao, University of Kentucky

Yuan, S., Ren, W., Hong, F., Wang, Y. B., Zhang, J. C., Bellaiche, L., Cao, S. X. & Cao, G. (2013). Spin switching and magnetization reversal in single-crystal NdFeO 3. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 87 (18), 184405-184405-6.


We report an experimental and computational study of single-crystal NdFeO3, which features two inequivalent magnetic sublattices, namely, Fe and Nd sublattices that are coupled in an antiparallel fashion. This paper reveals that a strong interaction between 3d and 4f electrons of the two sublattices along with a spin-lattice coupling drives an extremely interesting magnetic state that is highly sensitive to the orientation and history of weak magnetic field. The following phenomena are particularly remarkable: (1) sharply contrasting magnetization M(T) along the a and c axes; (2) a first-order spin switching along the a axis below 29 K when the system is zero-field-cooled; and (3) a progressive magnetization reversal when the system is field-cooled. The intriguing magnetic behavior is captured in our first-principles density functional theory calculations. 2013 American Physical Society.


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