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Chen, S. W., Huang, M. J., Lin, P. A., Jeng, H. T., Lee, J. M., Haw, S. C., Chen, S. A., Lin, H. J., Lu, K. T., Chen, D. P., Dou, S. X., Wang, X. L. & Chen, J. M. (2013). Orbital structure of FeTiO3 ilmenite investigated with polarization-dependent X-ray absorption spectroscopy and band structure calculations. Applied Physics Letters, 102 (4), 042107-1-042107-4.


We explored the orbital structure of FeTiO3 with polarization-dependent x-ray absorption spectra complemented with electronic structure calculations. The electronic structure, near the bottom of conduction band, is composed of O 2p and Ti 3d orbitals. Ti 3d/4p hybridization dominantly lies on the ab plane. The highly delocalized Ti 4p orbital might hybridize with O 2p orbital and even extend to the next-neighbor Fe atom whereby establishing a linear orbital combination of Ti-O-Fe. A clear picture of the orbital construction in FeTiO3 will help to elucidate the paths of pressure-induced charge transfer and other physical or magnetic characteristics.

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