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Yune, J. H., Karatchevtseva, I., Triani, G., Wagner, K. & Officer, D. (2013). A study of TiO2 binder-free paste prepared for low temperature dye-sensitized solar cells. Journal of Materials Research, 28 (3), 488-496.


A binder-free titania paste was prepared by chemical modification of an acidic TiO2 sol with ammonia. By varying the ammonia concentration, the viscosity of the acidic TiO2 suspension increased, thereby allowing uniform films to be cast. The photoelectrochemical performance of TiO2 electrodes, cast as single layers, was dependent on the thermal treatment cycle. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy was used to characterize the extent of residual organics and found that acetates from the TiO2 precursor preparation were retained within the electrode structure after thermal treatment at 150 °C. Electrodes of nominal thickness 4 lm produced an energy conversion efficiency as high as 5.4% using this simple thermal treatment.



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