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Marchant, T. R. & Smyth, N. F. (2012). Approximate techniques for dispersive shock waves in nonlinear media. Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials, 21 (3), 1250035-1-1250035-18.


Many optical and other nonlinear media are governed by dispersive, or diffractive, wave equations, for which initial jump discontinuities are resolved into a dispersive shock wave. The dispersive shock wave smooths the initial discontinuity and is a modulated wavetrain consisting of solitary waves at its leading edge and linear waves at its trailing edge. For integrable equations the dispersive shock wave solution can be found using Whitham modulation theory. For nonlinear wave equations which are hyperbolic outside the dispersive shock region, the amplitudes of the solitary waves at the leading edge and the linear waves at the trailing edge of the dispersive shock can be determined. In this paper an approximate method is presented for calculating the amplitude of the lead solitary waves of a dispersive shock for general nonlinear wave equations, even if these equations are not hyperbolic in the dispersionless limit. The approximate method is validated using known dispersive shock solutions and then applied to calculate approximate dispersive shock solutions for equations governing nonlinear optical media, such as nematic liquid crystals, thermal glasses and colloids. These approximate solutions are compared with numerical results and excellent comparisons are obtained.



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