Electrochemical properties of nickel hydroxide films deposited galvanostatically



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Kim, S., Hong, M., Kim, B. C., Chung, J., Wallace, G. G. & Park, S. (2012). Electrochemical properties of nickel hydroxide films deposited galvanostatically. Journal of Ceramic Processing Research, 13 (6), 688-692.


A high specific capacitance was obtained for Ni(OH)2 galvanostatically deposited onto a stainless-steel foil. The structure and surface morphology of the Ni(OH)2 were studied using X-ray diffraction(XRD) analysis and scanning electron microscopy(SEM). A loosely packed structure containing individual Ni(OH)2 particles with an average size of 10-20 nm was obtained. The thickness of the deposit was several micro met. The capacitive characteristics of the Ni(OH)2 electrodes were investigated using cyclic voltammetry(CV) in a 1 M KOH electrolyte solution. A maximum specific capacitance of 1233 F g-1 was obtained for the Ni(OH)2 electrode with a voltage range 0-0.5 V. The effect of deposition conditions, such as the current density, and 0.1M aqueous solution of Ni(NO3)2 • 6H2O on the electrochemical capacitance of the deposited Ni(OH)2 films are discussed in detail.

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