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Lin, Z. Wei., Zhu, J. Guo., Guo, Y. Guang., Wang, X. Lin., Dou, S. Xue., Johansen, T. H., Shi, X. & Choi, K. Y. (2012). Flux distribution in Fe-based superconducting materials by magneto-optical imaging. Journal of Applied Physics, 111 (7), 07E143-1-07E143-3.


"This paper presents the magnetic flux distributions in Fe-based superconducting materials including single crystal of Ba(Fe1.9Ni0.1)As2 and Ba(Fe1.8Co0.2)As2, as well as polycrystalline SmFeO0.75F0.2As by means of magneto-optical imaging (MOI) technique. The single crystals were grown out of FeAs flux while polycrystalline sample was grown by hot-press. A MOI film with in-plan magnetization was used to visualize flux distributions at the sample surface. A series of magneto-optical images was taken when the samples were zero-field cooled and field cooled. The flux behavior, including penetration into and expelling from the samples, as well as pinning properties were studied. When external fields increase, flux is completely shielded from the crystals, then, gradually penetrates toward the crystal center from the edge. For polycrystalline sample, Meissner state was observed at very low field. With increasing the field further, flux penetrates into the sample easily along grain boundary, then into grain. Compared with high-Tc cuprates, it is found that the flux distributions in Fe-based superconducting materials are very similar to that in high-Tc cuprates with strong pinning strength.

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ARC/DP0770205, ARC/LX0882225