Addition of Ca-compounds nanoparticles in melt-textured Bi:2212



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dos Santos, D, Kim, J, Qin, MJ, Konstantinov, KK & Dou, SX (2007), Addition of Ca-compounds nanoparticles in melt-textured Bi:2212, Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 460-462 (Part 1), pp. 1329-1330.


Superconducting BSCCO samples made by melt-texturing process were prepared with the addition of calcium zirconate and calcium silicate nanoparticles. Bi:2212 melt-textured composites prepared with 1 wt.% of either addition showed different behavior for the critical current density as a function of the applied field, indicating that for each additional compound the improvement can be associated to different enhancement mechanisms, such as the creation of pinning centers and the increase on the connectivity of the grains. The estimated pinning forces indicated higher values for the calcium compound containing samples.

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