Study of heat treatment effect in mncoge compound on stucture and electric properties



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Md Din, M., Mohd Jusoh, M., Abdul Rahman, A., Wang, J., Idris, N., Ismail, M. & Wan Zamri, W. (2020). Study of heat treatment effect in mncoge compound on stucture and electric properties. Materials Science Forum, 1010 MSF 86-91.


© 2020 Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland. A comprehension about magnetic refrigeration which develops strong materials as the refrigerant will be explained and develop in this project. Magnetic refrigeration comes from magnetocaloric effect (MCE) which is magnetic material known as refrigerant that react with a magnetic and demagnetic field. Refrigerant plays the roll in control the performance of magnetic refrigerator. One of interesting refrigerant is MnCoGe compound which found very favourable in produce high value of MCE. From this point of view, the process of producing of MnCoGe using 4 hours milling treatment and different heat treatment had been studied. Various temperature in heat treatment process and following by cooling down to room temperature have been implemented in order to produce good structure of MnCoGe compound. Furthermore, from structure properties measurement found this compound produce three type of structures which are hexagonal, orthorhombic and mix structure (hexagonal and orthorhombic). Based on the different temperature of heat treatment, it indicate for 1500o C and 1200o C treatment are dominant to the hexagonal structure type, then for 1000o C dominant to the orthorhombic structure and lastly for 1100o C dominant to mix structure. Electric properties measurement found the frequency play the role in change the structure as well as in 1000o C compound was found below 5 MHz frequency show the hexagonal structure and when increasing above 5 MHz the pattern change to orthorhombic structure respectively. Moreover, for the permittivity measurement it gives the information about conductivity and tan delta value. Systematically at 1000o C compound found this material is more to conductor behavior compare others compound. Therefore, when the temperature is increased to 1100o C, 1200o C and 1500o C then the conductivity value decreasing and its resistivity value become increasing.

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