Investigation of nano powders influence on melting process within a storage unit



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Chu, Y., Hajizadeh, M., Li, Z. & Bach, Q. (2020). Investigation of nano powders influence on melting process within a storage unit. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 318


© 2020 Elsevier B.V. For achieving greater efficiency of ventilating unit for a room, PCM has been utilized and needed heat for melting process has been provided from hot air flow. The air gets warmer due to higher solar radiation and such hot air makes the PCM to melt. To augment the heat absorption, CuO nanoparticles were dispersed in to RT28. We assumed that there is no slip velocity between nanoparticles and paraffin. FVM was utilized to show the treatment of NEPCM during melting and for verification, previous article was tested. Not only temperature of air but also NEPCM temperature augments with progress of process. Considering larger amplitude, NEPCM temperature augments and maximum difference has been reported for highest time. Air temperature of two cases becomes equal at t = 38 h. As time progress more, temperature of air for grater amplitude becomes greater. At t = 50 h, with rise of a form 5 to 10, temperature of NEPCM and air rise about 0.071% and 0.19%, respectively. Exergy loss augments with rise of amplitude about 55.38% when t = 20 h. When a = 10, increase of time from 5 to 20 h causes to augment of exergy loss about 35.15%.

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