The application of hollow micro-/nanostructured cathodes for sodium-ion batteries



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Liu, X., Lai, W. & Chou, S. (2020). The application of hollow micro-/nanostructured cathodes for sodium-ion batteries. Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 4 (5), 1289-1303.


© the Partner Organisations 2020. High-performance sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) rely on efficient cathodes, constructed based on advances in excellent rate capability, high capacity, and small volume change. Cathode materials with micro-/nano-hollow architectures can shorten the diffusion length, offer volume buffering, and increase the conducting capability of electrons/ions, so they have been extensively developed as a new strategy for the exploration of future cathodes. This review offers a snapshot of the recent progress on the synthetic strategies used to prepare hollow cathodes, their improved battery performance, and the mechanism of sodium storage underlying the use of hollow micro-/nanostructured cathode materials. Finally, we provide an overview of likely future directions in this research, which includes seeking the right balance between volumetric capacity and energy density.

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