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Xia, L., Cui, J., Shen, R., Xu, X., Gao, Y. & Li, X. (2020). A survey of image semantics-based visual simultaneous localization and mapping: Application-oriented solutions to autonomous navigation of mobile robots. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 17 (3),


© The Author(s) 2020. As one of the typical application-oriented solutions to robot autonomous navigation, visual simultaneous localization and mapping is essentially restricted to simplex environmental understanding based on geometric features of images. By contrast, the semantic simultaneous localization and mapping that is characterized by high-level environmental perception has apparently opened the door to apply image semantics to efficiently estimate poses, detect loop closures, build 3D maps, and so on. This article presents a detailed review of recent advances in semantic simultaneous localization and mapping, which mainly covers the treatments in terms of perception, robustness, and accuracy. Specifically, the concept of “semantic extractor” and the framework of “modern visual simultaneous localization and mapping” are initially presented. As the challenges associated with perception, robustness, and accuracy are being stated, we further discuss some open problems from a macroscopic view and attempt to find answers. We argue that multiscaled map representation, object simultaneous localization and mapping system, and deep neural network-based simultaneous localization and mapping pipeline design could be effective solutions to image semantics-fused visual simultaneous localization and mapping.



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