Experimental Realization of Two-Dimensional Buckled Lieb Lattice



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Feng, H., Liu, C., Zhou, S., Gao, N., Gao, Q., Zhuang, J., Xu, X., Hu, Z., Wang, J., Chen, L., Zhao, J., Dou, S. & Du, Y. (2020). Experimental Realization of Two-Dimensional Buckled Lieb Lattice. Nano letters, 20 (4), 2537-2543.


Two-dimensional (2D) materials with a Lieb lattice host exotic electronic band structures. Such a system does not exist in nature, and it is also difficult to obtain in the laboratory due to its structural instability. Here, we experimentally realized a 2D system composed of a tin overlayer on an aluminum substrate by molecular beam epitaxy. The specific arrangement of Sn atoms on the Al(100) surface, which benefits from favorable interface interactions, forms a stabilized buckled Lieb lattice. Theoretical calculations indicate a partially broken nodal line loop and a topologically nontrivial insulating state with a spin-orbital coupling effect in the band structure of this Lieb lattice. The electronic structure of this system is experimentally characterized by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, in which the hybridized states between topmost Al atoms and Sn atoms are revealed. Our work provides an appealing method for constructing 2D quantum materials based on the Lieb lattice.

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