Domain switching in bismuth layer-structured multiferroic films



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Jia, T., Kimura, H., Cheng, Z. & Zhao, H. (2019). Domain switching in bismuth layer-structured multiferroic films. In H. Kimura, Z. Cheng & T. Jia (Eds.), Nanoscale Ferroelectric-Multiferroic Materials for Energy Harvesting Applications (pp. 1-21). Amsterdam: Elsevier.


2019 Copyright All rights reserved. Multiferroicity has now become one of the hottest research topics in condensed matter physics and materials science. The magnetoelectric (ME) properties and coupling behavior of single-phase multiferroics are dominated by their domain structures. However, multiferroic materials exhibit very complicated domain structures. Studies on domain structure characterization and domain switching are a crucial step in the exploration of approaches to the control and manipulation of magnetic (electric) properties using an electric (magnetic) field or other means. In this chapter we summarize some of the important research activities in the recent years on domain switching in single-phase multiferroic materials in the form of single crystals and thin films, especially the domain switching behavior involving strain and the related physics. The effects of a series of stimuli such as electric field, magnetic field, and stress effects on domain switching will be shown.

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