Ferroelectric nanofibers and their application in energy harvesting



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Zhu, R., Wang, Z., Cheng, Z. & Kimura, H. (2019). Ferroelectric nanofibers and their application in energy harvesting. In H. Kimura, Z. Cheng & T. Jia (Eds.), Nanoscale Ferroelectric-Multiferroic Materials for Energy Harvesting Applications (pp. 181-194). Amsterdam: Elsevier.


2019 Copyright All rights reserved. The brittleness of bulk ferroelectric ceramics perplexes the fabrication process for energy harvesters and reduces their durability. As one-dimensional nanostructures, ferroelectric nanofibers possess excellent performance such as decreased elastic coefficient and increased d33 with the decrease of the diameter (Ico et al., 2016; Bai et al., 2012) [1, 2], and can be easily deformed by tiny irregular mechanical vibration, therefore they are extremely useful in the fabrication of energy harvesters. We prepared KNNS-BNKZ nanofibers, BZT-BNT nanofibers, and PZT nanofibers with great ferroelectric performance, and fabricated energy harvesters based on these fibers then discussed the mechanism of energy harvesting, and realized energy collection and storage.

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