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Foroughi, J, Ghorbani, SR, Peleckis, G, Spinks, GM, Wallace, GG, Wang, P & Dou, SX (2010), The mechanical and the electrical properties of conducting polypyrrole fibers, Journal of Applied Physics, 107(10), pp. 1-4.


The mechanical and the electrical properties of polypyrrole (PPy) fibers and electrochemically deposited PPy films were studied. It was found that the PPy fibers showed a significantly higher strength than the PPy films due to better orientation of the molecular structure. The electrochemically prepared PPy films had a higher electrical conductivity than that of the fibers at high temperature. At low temperature, the PPy fibers showed the higher conductivity. The conductivity results were analyzed in the frame of the three-dimensional variable range hopping model. The results showed that at room temperature the average hopping distance for the fibers was about 4 Å while for the films it increases to about 5.7 Å. This corresponds to about 1 and 2 monomer units in length for the fiber and film samples, respectively.

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