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Liu, L., Guo, H., Fu, L., Chou, S., Thiele, S., Wu, Y. & Wang, J. (2019). Critical Advances in Ambient Air Operation of Nonaqueous Rechargeable Li-Air Batteries. Small, Online First 1903854-1-1903854-32.


Over the past few years, great attention has been given to nonaqueous lithium–air batteries owing to their ultrahigh theoretical energy density when compared with other energy storage systems. Most of the research interest, however, is dedicated to batteries operating in pure or dry oxygen atmospheres, while Li–air batteries that operate in ambient air still face big challenges. The biggest challenges are H2O and CO2 that exist in ambient air, which can not only form byproducts with discharge products (Li2O2), but also react with the electrolyte and the Li anode. To this end, recent progress in understanding the chemical and electrochemical reactions of Li–air batteries in ambient air is critical for the devel-opment and application of true Li–air batteries. Oxygen-selective membranes, multifunctional catalysts, and electrolyte alternatives for ambient air operational Li–air batteries are presented and discussed comprehensively. In addition, sepa-rator modification and Li anode protection are covered. Furthermore, the chal-lenges and directions for the future development of Li–air batteries are presented

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