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Zhao, W., Chen, L., Yue, Z., Li, Z., Cortie, D., Fuhrer, M. & Wang, X. (2019). Quantum oscillations of robust topological surface states up to 50 K in thick bulk-insulating topological insulator. npj Quantum Materials, 4 (1), 56-1-56-1.


As personal electronic devices increasingly rely on cloud computing for energy-intensive calculations, the power consumption associated with the information revolution is rapidly becoming an important environmental issue. Several approaches have been proposed to construct electronic devices with low-energy consumption. Among these, the low-dissipation surface states of topological insulators (TIs) are widely employed. To develop TI-based devices, a key factor is the maximum temperature at which the Dirac surface states dominate the transport behavior. Here, we employ Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations (SdH) as a means to study the surface state survival temperature in a high-quality vanadium doped Bi1.08Sn0.02Sb0.9Te2S single crystal system. The temperature and angle dependence of the SdH show that: (1) crystals with different vanadium (V) doping levels are insulating in the 3-300 K region; (2) the SdH oscillations show two-dimensional behavior, indicating that the oscillations arise from the pure surface states; and (3) at 50 K, the V0.04 single crystals (Vx:Bi1.08-xSn0.02Sb0.9Te2S, where x = 0.04) still show clear sign of SdH oscillations, which demonstrate that the surface dominant transport behavior can survive above 50 K. The robust surface states in our V doped single crystal systems provide an ideal platform to study the Dirac fermions and their interaction with other materials above 50 K.

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ARC/FT130100778, ARC/DP130102956

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ARC/DP170104116, ARC/DP170101467