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Farajikhah, S., Innis, P. C., Paull, B., Wallace, G. G. & Harris, A. R. (2019). Facile development of a fiber-based electrode for highly selective and sensitive detection of dopamine. ACS Sensors, 4 (10), 2599-2604.


A facile one-step method was used to create a selective and sensitive electrode for dopamine (DA) detection based upon a stainless steel (SS) filament substrate and reduced graphene oxide (rGO). The electrode successfully and selectively detects DA in the presence of uric acid and ascorbic acid without the need of a Nafion coating. The proposed electrode is easy to fabricate, low-cost, flexible and strong. The rGO-SS electrode could also be incorporated into a 3-dimensional braided structure enabling DA detection in a two-electrode fibre system. The sensor is an excellent candidate for production of affordable, robust and flexible wearable and portable sensor and expands the application of textiles in point of care diagnostic devices.

Grant Number

ARC/CE 140100012