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Yan, Z., Xiao, J., Lai, W., Wang, L., Gebert, F., Wang, Y., Gu, Q., Liu, H., Chou, S., Liu, H. & Dou, S. (2019). Nickel sulfide nanocrystals on nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanotubes with high-efficiency electrocatalysis for room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries. Nature Communications, 10 (1), 4793-1-4793-8.


Polysulfide dissolution and slow electrochemical kinetics of conversion reactions lead to low utilization of sulfur cathodes that inhibits further development of room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries. Here we report a multifunctional sulfur host, NiS2 nanocrystals implanted in nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanotubes, which is rationally designed to achieve high polysulfide immobilization and conversion. Attributable to the synergetic effect of physical confinement and chemical bonding, the high electronic conductivity of the matrix, closed porous structure, and polarized additives of the multifunctional sulfur host effectively immobilize polysulfides. Significantly, the electrocatalytic behaviors of the Lewis base matrix and the NiS2 component are clearly evidenced by operando synchrotron X-ray diffraction and density functional theory with strong adsorption of polysulfides and high conversion of soluble polysulfides into insoluble Na2S2/Na2S. Thus, the as-obtained sulfur cathodes exhibit excellent performance in room-temperature Na/S batteries.

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