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Lei, W., Zhang, H., Liu, D. & Lin, L. (2019). Fabrication of nitrogen and sulfur co-doped carbon nanofibers with three-dimensional architecture for high performance supercapacitors. Applied Surface Science, 495 143572-1-143572-8.


Making full use of the high water-holding capability of bacterial cellulose, a highly N/S dual-doped carbon fibers (NSCF) with interconnected three dimensional structure is prepared by an absorption-swelling strategy. Supercapacitor electrode fabricated from this material delivers a high specific capacitance of 202 F g−1, which is two times higher than that of the pristine un-doped one at current density of 1.0 A g−1. This dual-doped NSCF shows good wettability, fast ion-transportation and desirable electrical conductivity, which are indispensable characters of an electrode material in building the supercapacitor with desired high power performances.

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