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Wang, B., Liu, S., Sun, W., Tang, Y., Pan, H., Yan, M. & Jiang, Y. (2019). Intercalation Pseudocapacitance Boosting Ultrafast Sodium Storage in Prussian Blue Analogs. ChemSusChem: chemistry and sustainability, energy and materials, 12 (11), 2415-2420.


Great expectation is placed on sodium-ion batteries with high rate capability to satisfy multiple requirements in large-scale energy storage systems. However, the large ionic radius and high mass of Na + hamper its kinetics in the case of diffusion-controlled mechanisms in conventional electrodes. In this study, a unique intercalation pseudocapacitance has been demonstrated in low-vacancy copper hexacyanoferrate, achieving outstanding rate capability. The minimization of the [Fe(CN) 6 ] vacancy enables unhindered diffusion pathways for Na + and little structural change during the Fe 2+ /Fe 3+ redox reaction, eliminating solid-state diffusion limits. Moreover, the Cu + /Cu 2+ couple is unexpectedly activated, realizing a record capacity for copper hexacyanoferrate. A capacity of 86 mAh g −1 is obtained at 1 C, of which 50 % is maintained under 100 C and 70 % is achieved at 0 °C. Such intercalation pseudocapacitance might shed light on exploiting high-rate electrodes among Prussian blue analogs for advanced sodium-ion batteries.



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