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Sun, Y., Chen, J., Li, X., Lu, Y., Zhang, S. & Cheng, Z. (2019). Flexible piezoelectric energy harvester/sensor with high voltage output over wide temperature range. Nano Energy, 61 337-345.


A flexible piezoelectric energy harvester based on polyimide (PI)/(Bi,La)FeO 3 -PbTiO 3 (BLF-PT) 0-3 composite was fabricated by a cost-effective two-step process. The energy harvesting outputs are sensitive to the BLF-PT weight fraction and testing frequency. The flexible BLF-PT/PI composite with 30 wt% BLF-PT exhibits an open circuit voltage of 110 V and a short circuit current of 310 nA under pressure of 0.18 MPa at frequency of 1 Hz. Of particular significance is that the flexible energy harvester exhibits high temperature stability up to 150 °C and a voltage output of 30 V at temperatures as high as 300 °C, showing great potential for capturing mechanical energy or sensor over a wide temperature range at ultra-low frequency.



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