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Zhang, S., Zheng, Y., Huang, X., Hong, J., Cao, B., Hao, J., Fan, Q., Zhou, T. & Guo, Z. (2019). Structural Engineering of Hierarchical Micro‐nanostructured Ge-C Framework by Controlling the Nucleation for Ultralong‐Life Li Storage. Advanced Energy Materials, 9 (19), 1900081-1-1900081-11.


The rational design of a proper electrode structure with high energy and power densities, long cycling lifespan, and low cost still remains a significant challenge for developing advanced energy storage systems. Germanium is a highly promising anode material for high-performance lithium ion batteries due to its large specific capacity and remarkable rate capability. Nevertheless, poor cycling stability and high price significantly limit its practical application. Herein, a facile and scalable structural engineering strategy is proposed by controlling the nucleation to fabricate a unique hierarchical micro-nanostructured Ge-C framework, featuring high tap density, reduced Ge content, superb structural stability, and a 3D conductive network. The constructed architecture has demonstrated outstanding reversible capacity of 1541.1 mA h g −1 after 3000 cycles at 1000 mA g −1 (with 99.6% capacity retention), markedly exceeding all the reported Ge-C electrodes regarding long cycling stability. Notably, the assembled full cell exhibits superior performance as well. The work paves the way to constructing novel metal-carbon materials with high performance and low cost for energy-related applications.

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ARC/FT150100109, ARC/DP170102406, ARC/DE190100504