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AlZoubi, T., Albiss, B., Al-Akhras, M., Qutaish, H., Alabed, E. & Nazrul , S. (2019). NiO-nanofillers embedded in graphite/PVA-polymer matrix for efficient electromagnetic radiation shielding. AIP Conference Proceedings, 2083 (1), 020002-1-020002-5.


In this study, we report on the preparation of NiO/graphite sheets nanofillers in PVA-polymer matrix using a simple cost-effective hydrothermal process for EM shielding effectiveness applications. The careful optimization of the growth conditions and NiO/G/PVA relative ratios have resulted in NiO nanoparticles formation with homogeneous density. In this nanocomposite, the NiO nanoparticles and graphite sheets were incorporated into a polymer to enhance the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness. The morphological, structural, and chemical analysis have been conducted by SEM, EDX and XRD techniques. EDX and XRD analysis confirmed the exact chemical composition with high purity. SEM images showed the best morphology with homogenous NiO-nanoparticles distribution on graphite sheets for 15 wt% NiO relative ratio NiO/G/PVA nanocomposite. The nanocomposite was tested in different environments and shielding chambers that contained relatively high-level exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The shielding effectiveness (SE) measurements of NiO/G/PVA showed a significant increase of shielding effectiveness of about 17 dB compared to the commercial shielding paint. This can be ascribed to the homogenous distribution of NiO-NPs over the entire graphite sheets and the strong interaction of the incident electromagnetic radiation with the magnetic and electric dipoles in the nanocomposite. These finding is promising for enhanced flexible and cost-effective EMI shielding applications.



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