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Feng, H., Xu, Z., Zhuang, J., Wang, L., Liu, Y., Xu, X., Song, L., Hao, W. & Du, Y. (2019). Role of Charge Density Wave in Monatomic Assembly in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides. Advanced Functional Materials, 29 (15), 1900367-1-1900367-7.


The charge density wave (CDW) in transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) has drawn tremendous interest due to its potential for tailoring their surface electronic and chemical properties. Due to technical challenges, however, how the CDW could modulate the chemical behavior of TMDs is still not clear. Here, this work presents a study of applying the CDW of NbTe 2 , with a high transition temperature above room temperature, to generate the assembling adsorption of Sn adatoms on the surface. It is shown that highly ordered monatomic Sn adatoms with a quasi-1D structure can be obtained under regulation by the single-axis CDW of the substrate. In addition, the CDW modulated superlattices could in turn change the surface electronic properties from semimetallic to metallic. These results demonstrate an effective approach for tuning the surface chemical properties of TMDs by their CDWs, which could be applied in exploring them for various practical applications, such as heterogeneous catalysis, epitaxial growth of low-dimensional materials, and future nanoelectronics.

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