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Huang, J., Wei, Z., Liao, J., Ni, W., Wang, C. & Ma, J. (2019). Molybdenum and tungsten chalcogenides for lithium/sodium-ion batteries: Beyond MoS2. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 33 100-124.


Molybdenum and tungsten chalcogenides have attracted tremendous attention in energy storage and conversion due to their outstanding physicochemical and electrochemical properties. There are intensive studies on molybdenum and tungsten chalcogenides for energy storage and conversion, however, there is no systematic review on the applications of WS2, MoSe2and WSe2as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and sodium-ion batteries (SIBs), except MoS2. Considering the importance of these contents, it is extremely necessary to overview the recent development of novel layered WS2, MoSe2and WSe2beyond MoS2in energy storage. Here, we will systematically overview the recent progress of WS2, MoSe2and WSe2as anode materials in LIBs and SIBs. This review will also discuss the opportunities, and perspectives of these materials in the energy storage fields.



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