Life-Saving Threads: Advances in Textile-Based Analytical Devices



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Farajikhah, S., Cabot, J. M., Innis, P. C., Paull, B. & Wallace, G. (2019). Life-Saving Threads: Advances in Textile-Based Analytical Devices. ACS Combinatorial Science, 21 229-240.


Novel approaches that incorporate electrofluidic and microfluidic technologies are reviewed to illustrate the translation of traditional enclosed structures into open and accessible textile based platforms. Through the utilization of on-fiber and on-textile microfluidics, it is possible to invert the typical enclosed capillary column or microfluidic "chip" platform, to achieve surface accessible efficient separations and fluid handling, while maintaining a microfluidic environment. The open fiber/textile based fluidics approach immediately provides new possibilities to interrogate, manipulate, redirect, extract, characterize, and quantify solutes and target species at any point in time during such processes as on-fiber electrodriven separations. This approach is revolutionary in its simplicity and provides many potential advantages not otherwise afforded by the more traditional enclosed platforms.

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