Super Large Sn 1-x Se Single Crystals with Excellent Thermoelectric Performance



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Jin, M., Shi, X., Feng, T., Liu, W., Feng, H., Pantelides, S., Jiang, J., Chen, Y., Du, Y., Zou, J. & Chen, Z. (2019). Super Large Sn 1-x Se Single Crystals with Excellent Thermoelectric Performance. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11 (8), 8051-8059.


SnSe single crystals have drawn extensive attention for their ultralow thermal conductivity and outstanding thermoelectric performance. Here, we report super large Sn 1-x Se single crystals with excellent thermoelectric properties, fabricated via an advanced horizontal Bridgman technique with great yield and high reproducibility. The obtained single crystals have a super large size of â70 x 50 x 15 mm with a considerable weight of 148 g, which leads to a record-high mass density of >6.1 g cm -3 . Extensive chemical characterization demonstrates that â0.3% Sn vacancies are present, which results in a large concentration of holes, â1.2 x 10 19 cm -3 , and an enhanced power factor of â6.1 μW cm -1 K -2 at 793 K. Simultaneously, the Sn-vacancy-induced lattice distortions result in a low thermal conductivity of â0.39 W m -1 K -1 at 793 K, leading to a competitive ZT of â1.24. This work demonstrates that large-size off-stoichiometric SnSe single crystals hold promise to achieve high thermoelectric performance.

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