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Ide, Y., Tominaka, S., Okuyama, T., Tsunoji, N., Ohara, K., Mitome, M., Sano, T., Bando, Y. & Golberg, D. (2019). Microporous materials formed via intercalation of ultrathin coordination polymers in a layered silicate. Nano Energy, 59 162-168.


Development of microporous materials, like zeolites and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), with unique and better properties, is crucially important, while yet challenging, for many energy applications. Herein, we report on a new family of microporous hybrids having well-defined permanent porosity, which is formed by pillaring a layered silicate with packed coordination polymers. This inorganic-organic hybrid material, having well-defined/two-faced micropores surrounded by the polymers and silicate walls, exhibits superior adsorption toward methanol due to co-operative interactions compared with conventional microporous materials. The material could be used as an adsorbent to selectively and effectively recover methanol from a methanol/water vapour mixture.



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