Organic bionics: a new dimension in neural communications



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Moulton, SE, Higgins, MJ, Kapsa, RMI & Wallace, GG (2012), Organic bionics: a new dimension in neural communications, Advanced Functional Materials, 22(10), pp. 2003-2014.


The term "bionics" is synonymous with the term "biomimetics" and in this context refers to the integration of human engineered devices to take advantage of functional mechanisms and structures resident in nature. The use of electrical conductors to transmit charge into and out of biological systems to affect biological processes has been the source of great scientific interest. This has inspired many to explore the possible use of electrical stimulation in promoting positive health outcomes. Advances in medical bionics technology are dependent upon eliciting precise control of the electrical energy to deliver beneficial health outcomes. The advent of carbon-based organic conductors now provides the platform for unprecedented possibilities by which the electrical energy can be used to modulate the function of medical devices. The use of organic conductors in the field of bionics, and in particular medical bionics, as that involved with the development of devices that enable the effective integration of biology (nature) and electronics to achieve a targeted functional outcome is explored.

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