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Chen, J., Zhao, G., Chen, Y., Rui, K., Mao, H., Dou, S. Xue. & Sun, W. (2019). Iron-Doped Nickel Molybdate with Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Kinetics. Chemistry: A European Journal, 25 (1), 280-284.


Electrochemical water splitting is one of the potential approaches for making renewable energy production and storage viable. The oxygen evolution reaction (OER), as a sluggish four-electron electrochemical reaction, has to overcome high overpotential to accomplish overall water splitting. Therefore, developing low-cost and highly active OER catalysts is the key for achieving efficient and economical water electrolysis. In this work, Fe-doped NiMoO4 was synthesized and evaluated as the OER catalyst in alkaline medium. Fe3+ doping helps to regulate the electronic structure of Ni centers in NiMoO4, which consequently promotes the catalytic activity of NiMoO4. The overpotential to reach a current density of 10 mA cm−2 is 299 mV in 1 m KOH for the optimal Ni0.9Fe0.1MoO4, which is 65 mV lower than that for NiMoO4. Further, the catalyst also shows exceptional performance stability during a 2 h chronopotentiometry testing. Moreover, the real catalytically active center of Ni0.9Fe0.1MoO4 is also unraveled based on the ex situ characterizations. These results provide new alternatives for precious-metal-free catalysts for alkaline OER and also expand the Fe-doping-induced synergistic effect towards performance enhancement to new catalyst systems.

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