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Bergenti, I., Manna, P. K., Lin, C. H., Graziosi, P., Liu, X., Causer, G. L., Liscio, F., Ruotolo, A., Dediu, V. A., van Lierop, J., Klose, F. & Lin, K. W. (2018). Surface engineering with Ar+/O2+ ion beam bombardment: Tuning the electronic and magnetic behavior of Ni80Fe20/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrTiO3(001) junctions. Journal of Applied Physics, 124 (18), 183903-1-183903-1.


The magnetic and magnetotransport properties of Ni80Fe20/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (NiFe/LSMO) bilayers were investigated after bombarding the LSMO surface with low-energy Ar+ or O2+/Ar+ ion beams before the growth of the top NiFe layer. A variety of magnetic properties are revealed, including an asymmetric two-stepped hysteresis loop with an exchange bias loop shift, and alternatively, a symmetric two-stepped hysteresis loop with an enhanced coercivity. Polarized neutron reflectometry measurements provide details of the magnetic depth profile and interface layer magnetism at different temperatures. The LSMO surface modifications determine a complex magnetic and electric NiFe/LSMO interface having a strong effect on the magnetoresistance of the bilayer. Surface engineering based on ion beam bombardment is presented as a promising technique for optimizing the electronic and magnetic properties of NiFe/LSMO junctions for future device applications.



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