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Moriana, A. D. & Zhang, S. (2018). Lead-free textured piezoceramics using tape casting: A review. Journal of Materiomics, 4 (4), 277-303.


In this review, the evolution of textured lead-free piezoceramics has been explored, primarily focusing on the technique of templated grain growth (TGG) and reactive-templated grain growth (RTGG), as an alternative to single crystals. The mechanics and properties of using template in guiding and orienting the ceramic grains into the same crystal orientation allow for piezoelectric properties approaching those of their single-crystal counterparts. The fabrication process was surveyed in depth, with focus placed on the tape casting process and numerous variables associated with aligning the template seeds in the ceramic matrix. The piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties of the textured ceramics are supposed to be a function of all parameters (tape casting, slurry formation, sintering profile, template properties) in an effort to determine the significance of their contributions to the properties.



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