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Laverock, J., Dugdale, S. B., Duffy, J. A., Wooldridge, J., Balakrishnan, G., Lees, M. R., Zheng, G., Chen, D., Lin, C. T. & Sakurai, Y. (2007). Elliptical hole pockets in the Fermi surfaces of unhydrated and hydrated sodium cobalt oxides. Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 76 (5), 052509-1-052509-4.


The surprise discovery of superconductivity below 5 K in sodium cobalt oxides when hydrated with water has caught the attention of experimentalists and theorists alike. Most explanations for its occurence have focused heavily on the properties of some small elliptically shaped pockets predicted to be the electronically dominant Fermi surface sheet, but direct attempts to look for them have instead cast serious doubts over their existence. Here we present evidence that these pockets do indeed exist, based on bulk measurements of the electron momentum distribution in unhydrated and hydrated sodium cobalt oxides using the technique of x-ray Compton scattering.