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Lin, ZW, Li, Y, Zhu, JG, Guo, Y & Wang, P (2010), Magnetic flux penetration in polycrystalline SmFeO0.75F0.2As, Journal of Applied Physics, 107(9), pp. 1-3.


The recently discovered Fe–As superconducting materials which show high potential ability to carry current due to their low anisotropy have attracted a great number of attentions to understand their superconductivity mechanism and explore their applications. This paper presents a method to synthesis SmFeO0.75F0.20As polycrystalline by hot press in detail. The magnetization at different temperatures and applied fields obtained by a superconducting quantum interference device are also discussed. In addition, the local magnetization process is presented by magneto-optical imaging technique at the conditions of zero-field-cooling and field-cooling. It is found that the collective magnetization process of the newly discovered Fe–As superconductors is very similar to that of high-Tc cuprates. For instance, the Fe–As superconductors and high-Tc cuprates have the same magnetization features due to strong pining and intergrain weak link. The global supercurrent is significantly lower than local grain supercurrent due to the weak line between the grains.



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