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Lisak, G., Wagner, K., Barnsley, J. E., Veksha, A., Huff, G., Elliott, A. B. S., Wagner, P., Gordon, K. C., Bobacka, J., Wallace, G. G., Ivaska, A. & Officer, D. L. (2018). Application of terpyridyl ligands to tune the optical and electrochemical properties of a conducting polymer. RSC Advances: an international journal to further the chemical sciences, 8 (52), 29505-29512.


We present a simple and effective way of using metal and metal-ligand modifications to tune the electrochemical and optical properties of conducting polymers. To that end, a polyterthiophene functionalized with terpyridine moieties was synthesized and then the resulting film's surface or bulk was modified with different metal ions, namely Fe2+, Zn2+and Cu2+and terpyridine. The modification of the terpyridine functionalized polyterthiophene film by Fe2+increased the absorptivity and electrochemical capacitance of the conducting polymer, and improved its conjugation. Further modification by Zn2+and Cu2+resulted in dramatically different spectroelectrochemical properties of the film. Moreover, the influence of the solvents (ACN and 1:1 ACN:H2O) in conjunction with the metal ion applied for the modification was found crucial for the electrochemical and optical properties of the films.

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